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Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, March 28, 2019

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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

Tap! Tap! Boxer’s Story

paid apps for free

This is a sugoroku-type boxer training game set in a boxing gym.

Each time, Various boxers visit your gym.

Second job is to make the practice your boxer, and to support him to grab the glory.

In the bout, please instruction (tap) to depending on the situation.

Can you grow a world champion within 15 laps ? only the dice knows it !


Instructions to the boxer is the only easy operation of tap

Level 0 : Devoted to recovery

Level 1 : jab and watching the opponent

Level 2 : To start the attack hitting jab, and one-two !

Level 3 : Damage to the opponent hit one-two, a body blow

Level 4 : will aim to the KO by strong hook or upper.

Level 5 : will aim to the KO by strong rush and finish.

(Increase in the number of stars, the more consumption of stamina.)

Press and hold the screen (long tap) : Star level back to 0.


  • Over 200 Boxer is appeared.
  • if boxer Retired, next time they are appeared as a opponent characters.

Parameters of the boxer

Life : In the bout, it will affect the parameter of all. Can not be out of this when there are no more stamina, a punch or guard.

Power : affect the damage to the opponent

Speed : affect the hit rate of punch.

Toughness : affect the damage by the punch.

Technique : affect the success rate of defense.


Amazingly simple minimalistic app for collecting your favorite quotes.

• heard it? write it down!

• all quotes in a single place

• an easy-to-use list, nothing extra

• easy sharing

• automatic iCloud backup

To be great, you need to learn from the best. We believe that you can start by simply writing the quotes down – the world’s greats’ ones, the ones of great friends and acquaintances along with great strangers.

That’s what QUOTATO for iPhone was created for. You can easily store a phrase or quotation you’ve just heard to keep it with you forever.

Tape Measure AR

Measuring Tape AR is an innovative utility app that uses augmented reality (AR) to redefine the way of measuring things.

Measuring Tape AR is the fastest, smartest way to measure physical object’s dimensions or any distances!


– Just two taps are required to capture any point-to-point measurement

– Displays in metric or imperial units

– Save & store your measurements in the app

The app is a perfect solution for interior designers, architects, contractors, real estate agents and anyone that needs quick measurements.


Measuring Tape AR uses the new iOS11 ARKit framework, therefore will work only on ARKit compatible devices.

Pocket Glasses PRO

Pocket Glasses is a pocket magnifier app that helps users to see small things without the glasses.

Pocket Glasses app solves all these problems once and for all! Easily changed that tiny blurry text into clear and readable text with zoom and flashlight built-in features. Great for



You must give a camera and mic permissions for this application to work

The app comes with 4 modes:

1. Basic:

– use slider to zoom-in

– Button 1: screen capture/freeze for better current view reading

– Button 2: easy pictures capturing

– Button 3: built-in flashlight making reading in the dark super easy

2. Text Sharpening:

Comes with 3 different text sharpening modes, try them all and find the one that suite your needs

3. Sight Correction:

Use it to adjust the app to your eye defect

4. Magnifier/Zoom Mode:

Use one of two predefined zoom modes x2 x3 or use the slider to enjoy up to x16 magnified vision

Use Pocket Glasses to:

– Read text written with a small font like a menu, drug information, instruction manuals;

– See better & more details in small objects

– Read in the dark with a built-in flashlight feature

– Magnifying and capturing small images

Super Lines

Classic arcade game!

Super Lines (~ Snake~ )

How long you can have?

Contain 4 different game mode, and the most attractive 2 play mode, you can play with friend any where you like, instead of play alone.

Game Mode:

– Classical

– Modern

– Survival

– Crazy


– Simply touch and move the direction on screen.

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