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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today


paid apps for free

Increase your productivity whilst reducing marketing costs by using the Vivod mobile app for iPhone and iPad. No need for expensive production crews, large video production budgets, expensive post-production and waiting weeks for results.

Using the Vivod app, you can start today. We’ll provide you with handy tips for shooting with built-in features like ShotAssist to help you create your best videos as often as you like and as often as your business needs, then we’ll post-produce your videos to meet your business deadlines. When you approve your finished videos, we’ll host them for you in your own secure digital asset management library.

Vivod Media is a unique and powerful video marketing service that empowers your business to enable content creation, management and distribution at any time that suits the business.

Creating an account with Vivod Media or being invited by an account holder to use the app as a Guest Contributor gives you entry to a new way to produce quality content without being a professional. The security features in the app prevent unauthorised content being delivered to your white-labelled Vivod account.

The app produces HD video from the rear camera and from the Vivod Teleprompta camera on the front of iPhones and iPads. With an integrated teleprompt function called Teleprompta, you can copy and paste from email, websites or documents on your device or type your scripts directly into Teleprompta. Create as many scripts as you want.

Using Vivod Teleprompta, you’ll never be lost for words again. You can rehearse your scripts as often as you like and when you are ready to record, the app will count you in like a pro.

Once you have recorded your speech and your scenes, you can upload your selected shots securely and directly from your Vivod app to your Vivod white-labelled account. From there you can create new editing projects and start effective marketing campaigns in social as well as video Direct Marketing (vDM) campaigns to your customer database.

Skee-Ball Plus

paid apps for free

Skee-Ball Plus is fun and action packed alley bowling game which you can now take with you wherever you go.

The game captures all the fun of the original arcade game, features a host of new game variants.

Features include:

• Classic layout with multiple game modes including Call your Shot, Speedball, Horse, Hangman, and Head to Head multiplayer modes like Countdown

• New layouts with different scoring circles and combinations including Pachinko style play

• Dynamic layouts where the targets are moving, to challenge even the best players

• Ticket redemption for power ups, score multiplier balls, magic balls, new game boards and other goodies that affect gameplay, instead of just being window dressing on your shelf

• Hundreds of challenges

• Global and Category Leaderboards

• Ball tilt feature when you tilt your device, optional

• 3D camera tilt effect

Skee-Ball® and Skee-Ball Plus® are registered trademarks of Bay Tek Games, Inc. Used under license. All rights registered.

VShoot – Photoshoots Anytime

Have you ever wanted some quality photos of yourself, maybe to post on social media, or just because, but didn’t have anyone around to take them for you??? Well, now that won’t be a problem!

With VShoot, you can have anyone, anywhere take photos for your remotely in a virtual photoshoot. Your potential photographers are no longer limited to the people you’re around…they can be anywhere!

* Meet new photo buddies by joining groups and chatting to find someone to take your photos!

* Start a virtual photoshoot with them!

* Access your new quality photos instantly in your phone’s photo library!

Keyboard X-Key

Row of NUMBERS always visible! PUNCTUATION and integrated EMOJI keyboard, this is X-Key!


NUMBERS: the inconvenience of having to constantly change screen to write sentences with numbers is over. The row of numbers is always visible at the top and alternates with the auto-correction

PUNCTUATION: direct access to punctuation in the lower line of the keyboard, which alternates with the mathematical symbols

EMOJI: with the integrated emoji keyboard, just a simple click to scroll and choose

EASY TAG: # and @ featured in the last row, tagging is much faster

COLORS: choose from the many available versions

AUTO-CORRECTION: turns on and off from the X-Key App

CUSTOMIZATION: with each key it is possible to combine additional characters / symbols or words, phrases, e-mail addresses or hashtag sequences. Everything you write and use more frequently and then you want to have available with a simple click!

FAVORITE EMOJI: not the ones you used recently, but just your favorites! You decide which ones you want to always see first in the integrated emoji keyboard

KEYS: with or without the edge of the keys? Choose your favorite view

NO ADDITIONAL COST: no in-app purchase, X-Key is complete with all the features, from the first installation

Toddler Flashcards

Toddler Flashcards (by iTot Apps) is a great tool to help children (and even babies) learn basic words. If you have a young toddler, Toddler Flashcards is a must-have. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or on an airplane, Toddler Flashcards lets you keep a child engaged, entertained, and learning. It’s also the perfect app for Daddy to play with baby instead of email or texting.

Just like traditional flash-cards for kids, Toddler Flashcards has cards to teach children the names of animals, foods, things, as well as advanced stuff like the alphabet or numbers. Unlike traditional flash-cards, these ones speak, and they also play animal sounds.

With Toddler Flashcards you get hundreds of beautiful cards, all accessible from one simple application. And with language support, Toddler Flashcards can help you teach these words in 13 different languages!

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