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Whether you are a classic nerd or someone new to tech, apps for phones are a huge part of everyday life. Not only are they convenient, but they’re also impactful. One area where apps have made a tremendous impact is that of online dating. Apps help people to connect while on the move and are extremely convenient to help find dates online. With social apps like Instagram and a myriad of dating apps and sites such as, online dating is your best bet to find love and companionship at a few clicks of the mouse.

With many variations of social media apps, it can be hard to pinpoint which ones offer the most benefits. In looking at becoming more sociable, the following five apps below can assist in promoting a healthy and vibrant social life.

1. Spotify

Picking a good playlist can really set the tone of the evening. With such a huge variety of songs on the app, you can choose from a variety of genres and can even find playlists related to the mood that you desire, whether that is ‘Femme Fatal’ or ‘You and Me’. If you have a few specific songs in mind, you can create your own playlist for that special occasion to really get things going. It is the perfect app to set the mood on your first date by selecting a list of romantic songs, to play and impress your date.  Whatever the occasion, Spotify is a great app that you can utilize throughout your day, on your commute or for a party.

2. Netflix

In a very similar way, Netflix is a fantastically versatile app that allows you to stream movies and TV shows online with absolute ease. If you are on the go be that travelling to work or visiting a friend, this app allows you to download what you want to watch using Wi-Fi before watching them all offline wherever you are. This means no more staring out of the window on public transport and more conversations about your favorite show with your colleagues, dates and friends. If you are looking for ideas for a first date, how about considering an evening spent together watching Netflix. Ordered for a delicious takeaway, a bottle of wine and spend the evening binging on watching your favorite shows or a romantic movie!  Check out a list of the best shows on Netflix in 2019 to get you started now.

3. Instagram

Social media is a great way to meet people, get some inspiration from others’ images, make new friends and share amazing stories about what is going on in your life. Search for people you already know, keep up to date with your favorite celebrities antics and comment and send private messages to people you have common interests with. Instagram gives you a platform to talk about your experiences while finding out about others’ lives through a realm of images. A picture tells a thousand words and the sharing of one’s narrative online gives you the option to be as open with people as you like. Instagram is a fantastic platform to connect with new people and if cupid strikes, you could even meet your prospective partner online and begin dating. 

4. Uber

Finding a cab quickly and conveniently has never been easier with the invention of this app. Uber gives you the opportunity to make travelling easy. With the ability to pay all of your fares electronically, there is no need for cash handling or paper receipts. Being on hold in a queue for a cab is a thing of the past as you can complete your bookings from your phone. Select home and work locations for quick navigation and even add separate stops. If you’re on the way to a friend’s, going to work or need to get somewhere urgently, Uber is the answer. If you need to go on a  date and want to do it in style, you could order a luxury limousine to arrive in luxury and impress your partner too! 

5. Snapchat

Comparable to Instagram, Snapchat is another fantastic image sharing resource. This social media application gives you the option to record your day through a series of images that can be sent to both groups and individuals. If you’re concerned about the security of your photos, there are some features to help with that. All images, unless saved in a chat window, disappear after being read, and with the added benefit of being notified if a screenshot is taken of one of your images by the recipient, you know that your photos and videos are safe. With fun filters, you can edit your face and filter your images too. Another useful app to increase your social circle and even find prospective dates in your neighborhood. Another useful app to increase your social circle and even find prospective dates in your neighborhood or use it on a date to have some fun and laugh with your date using some of the funny filters mentioned above.

It is thus fair to conclude that without the use of these perfectly designed apps, life would be much more difficult by far. From travelling to aiding your social skills, the above listed mobile apps can help you run your life with easy control. With the use of local Wi-Fi connections, downloading these apps is incredibly easy and can alleviate the stresses of life. With social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat providing a platform for you to meet and share your experiences with others, Uber, Spotify and Netflix help facilitate that. You will find that with the use of social media you can build who you want to be and create your own brand.

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