8 Things to Do Before You Publish an App to the App Store

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There is really no single formula to follow when it comes to launching and publishing an app. Depending on the kind of work your app does, certain measures can either be great or bad. Before publishing an app though, there are some basic things that cut across the market. You should address these issues in order to have a successful and fruitful publication process.

The following are the 8 things you should do before publishing your app in the App Store.

1. Analyze the Market

One of the most important things you should do before publishing the app is to analyze the market. When doing the analysis, you should focus on identifying your competitors in the market. In addition, you should also seek to understand the industry as a whole. This research will help you establish the market size, the market needs and customer insights among other useful data. Such information can allow you to make an informed and strategic publishing process.

2. Create Beautiful Branding Visuals

When it comes to attracting users, the images are everything. Choosing the right color themes, designs and screenshots for the store is key to promoting the app. The images you create will be crucial for the branding strategy that you choose. Whether it is for the marketing emails, press content or blog content, the images will be crucial for telling the audience everything about your app.

3. App Testing

Another important issue that you should consider is doing a thorough app testing. The app testing procedure you choose must be holistic as you need to ensure that all the issues are resolved. One of the most important things about testing an app is that you can improve app stickiness. The ability of users to keep using your app is crucial if you want long-term success. Before publishing your app, therefore, make sure that there is a robust app testing procedure in place.

4. Have A Clear Pricing Plan


The app market is one that offers creators flexibility and dynamism. Unlike most other products, apps can make money in a myriad of ways. This is why the pricing model is also important to consider before publishing the app. You need to know whether you will publish your app as free, freemium or paid. Each of these models has benefits and disadvantages as well. It is vital to choose the right model.

5. Do Optimization Tasks

Another key issue that will particularly determine the visibility of your app is optimization. Store optimization involves putting in place all the necessary strategies to ensure that your application is highly ranked and easily visible by the potential users. Before publishing the app, consider the right keywords, good branding, and a strategy for initial reviews. All these will help your app gain traction when done properly.

6. Have A Media Outreach Strategy

In as much as the digital marketplace is enough to get your app out there, you should not downplay the benefits of promoting your app in other forms of media. Creating and publishing an app are just two important steps when trying to make a business out of your app, but they are not the only steps. Traditional forms of promotion both in the digital and non-digital markets where potential customers are is crucial.

7. Have A Soft Launch

It is also important to make the app available to users before actually making a launch. Doing this allows for a better promotion strategy. A soft launch allows the users to be able to see what the app is all about even without having to use its core features. The few users who will get to know about the app in its initial stages will definitely give you a proper client base when you actually release the app. A soft launch will also allow you to test the support features among other issues.

8. Make the App Shareable

Finally, you need to ensure that there are strategies in place to keep your app spreading. The algorithms should, for instance, be aligned to allow for easy discoverability of the app. Other than that, share buttons and a social media strategy should also be in place. At the end of the day, the success of the app will be felt through the number of downloads. User retention strategies are thus key before launching the app in the app store.

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