iPhone still rules on Flickr

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Sure, we all like to complain about the iPhone camera (mainly because it’s terrible), but no matter what you think about it’s quality – there is no questioning its dominance on Flickr. The chart below from Edible Apple shows that the iPhone’s growth has increased substantially while the Nokia N95, with it’s vastly superior camera, has remained stagnant.

One could probably correlate the sales of the devices consistently with this chart as well. Even as popular as the camera is, though, I’d love to see it improved in the next iPhone model.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone still rules on Flickr

  1. Nokia seems to not get the high end market at all. It’s not individual components or specs that make a product great. There are so phones that on paper are better than the iPhone but it’s the simplicity and usability that sells consumers.

  2. I believe when you say that the camera on the iPhone is “terrible”, it really needs to be qualified. When I was thinking about buying the iPhone, one of the clinchers was the quality of the camera. I use it all the time because I’m impressed with the quality compared to a phone that I had previously. A 2 megapixel camera is nothing to shrug about and the camera in the iPhone first generation as well as the new 3G are more than excellent. What is it about the quality makes it “terrible”? I’d like to know how low my standard for photo results really are?

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