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Why install security cameras in schools?

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Offering a safer environment for students and staff is one of the primary duties of every school. An expanding trend includes security cameras for schools as a comprehensive security plan. With the aid of surveillance through cameras, schools can lessen several typical issues they face, such as:

  • Violence
  • Theft
  • Bullying
  • Trespassing
  • Absenteeism

Every day, guardians trust academic institutions to offer a secure space for their kids, and a well-established surveillance system may contribute to safety and peace of mind. Here are the significant advantages of installing security cameras in schools.

When Schools Are Closed

Intruders frequently target schools at night, on weekends, during school breaks, and other times when schools are closed. Numerous locations have expensive or high-tech equipment that needs to be protected, along with antisocial behavior that can lead to theft, criminal damage, vandalism, and in some situations, burning.

There are several security measures to consider if you want to discourage and stop events from happening on school grounds after hours. Security measures recommended by the Department of Education include lighting, fence, alarms, CCTV, and equipment storage.

Student Safety

Parents anticipate that once a child enters the school, whether they walk, cycle, take the bus, or are dropped off, their safety will be given utmost attention. But regrettably, as the number of pupils attending each school grows, so does the risk of events, crime, and violence. Bullying, unauthorized entry, vandalism, and other issues can all be prevented during school hours with CCTV surveillance systems.

Security cameras for schools can assist in maintaining a focus on student safety and locating congestion points on school grounds. Are any hallways particularly crowded in the morning or after courses end for the day? When many students use it as an entrance or leave point, are any doors leading outside that become stuck? Is it possible to establish a more practical travel system, such as one-way travel, graduated break periods for year groups, or specific entry points for particular year groups?

All of these questions may be answered by CCTV systems, which can also track variations in foot traffic as the year progresses through various seasons and weather conditions. Effective student evacuation routes can be better constructed by locating exceptionally crowded or busy areas with student safety in mind.

Teacher Safety

Employee security is just as vital; everyone has the right to experience security while working. Remote Access Systems and CCTV cameras provide teachers with the security that only authorized personnel are there, allowing them to focus on the requirements of their children in the classroom without worrying about trespassers.

CCTV cameras also shield teachers from fictitious allegations of wrongdoing and can be used as video proof in communications between educators, students, and parents. Teachers can feel secure knowing that if an incident occurs in the classroom that makes them feel threatened, intimidated, or in danger, they can call for help without leaving the pupils unattended. This is made possible by supporting personal alarm systems and panic buttons.

Defending Against Antisocial Behavior

Unfortunately, vandalism and theft still frequently occur in schools, especially over the weekends and holidays when there aren’t usually any students. CCTV systems concentrating on problem locations like sports equipment sheds, bicycle storage facilities, and any external outbuildings located away from the main building are greatly discouraged by opportunistic thieves and vandals.

Schools can also be hotspots for antisocial behavior, including events involving drugs and alcohol, rough sleepers, and occasionally trespassing traveler groups that can be challenging to expel once they have established a camp.

However, remote monitoring services from Farsight can transform your security from solely reactive to proactive. CCTV systems alone can ensure that you can give recorded evidence of a break-in or active vandalism.


Schools are crowded, with many professors and students moving about. Schools may be sure they have complete view coverage and that their time is well spent watching changes and security risks by utilizing an overarching intelligent surveillance system.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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