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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “Pandora Radio”

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Open Pandora’s box and your life will never be the same! The application “Pandora Radio” will create your own personal radio stations based entirely around any band that you choose, whether you go with the master of funk himself George Clinton, or the outspoken “Castlevania”-sampling Kanye West. Start typing in an artist’s name and the ingenious search engine will start bringing up bands alphabetically and within a moment their music will start slamming your eardrums, as though you just downloaded the tunes.

Each station automatically searches and finds songs from the musician chosen and their contemporaries, to give you similar songs from different people complete with background information on the screen telling you all about them. If you do not like something that comes on simply stroll the iPhone’s screen and with one push on a “thumbs down” symbol you will never hear the song again; if you do like what the intuitive DJ is slinging, then click on the “thumbs up” to get more of the same type of music in the near future.

“Pandora Radio” is one of the 25 most downloaded free App.’s for the iPhone – that’s right an entire radio station’s library is at your finger tips completely free – and once you sign up all of your stations are saved, so you can keep the goodness flowing.

Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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