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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Finger Security” App

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The iPhone can become a TOP SECRET advanced spy device. Once the application “Finger Security” is installed, all of the spy device’s secrets (for instance the iPhone with the App) can be instantly locked with fingerprint security. Realistic graphics show a fingerprint that touches the iPhone screen and is being scanned after a thumb is placed on it!

Use the “Finger Security” App to lock your iPhone with a simple method that closes the phone’s screen to anyone who tries to touch it. The App creates a cool looking “Matrix”-like blue screen that resembles something from a “Mission Impossible” tale!

Let a potential hacker try and press their fingerprint to the “Finger Security” space and alarms will start blasting loudly and a looming voice will announce a “security breach!” Unlock the phone with the right fingerprint, or the secret method (shown by the App to the App’s owner), and the phone will announce the relinquishing of security.

The “Lite” version of the App is available for free and recommended. All of the features work, but they contain minimal advertising on the screen in one place, which does not take away from the affect at all. The full version is $.99 and has no advertising. When a living Federal Agent, with Customs, was handed this fingerprint scanner, they quickly set off the alarm and believed that it was advanced spy device App that “Finger Security” appears to be!

Grade: B+

Spy Security
Spy Security
RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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