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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “City Time Lite” App

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"City TIme" App
Well it was another typical romance: girl sees guy’s writing over internet; girl falls madly in love with his words; girl tracks guy down on Facebook to start an engaging electronic penpal/email relationship…only problem was that she was in London…he was in New York! Welcome to the “City Time” App.

The free application for the iPhone provides the time, distance to and even the view of the moon for over 6000 cities worldwide! The “City Time” App is only $.99 for the full version, which does not exclude capitol cities, and does exclude advertising. The “Lite” version is not to be ignored, however. It gets the job done.

When one has to get back to the heated New York to London digital messaging, the time has to be known; otherwise the little English night owl might be asleep, or busy doing something… Simply swipe a thumb to view the time in California, England, China, or any other region she may reside in.

If one would like to impress the ladies of Machester, U.K. one can use “City Time” to tell them about the crescent moon appearing overhead in their view of the sky, across the vast Atlantic Ocean!

Grade: B+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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