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“Truth or Dare” IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Application

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When Apple said there was an App for everything, did they mean it? Look at the “Truth or Dare” application, and think on it.

The “Truth or Dare” App for the iPhone is exactly what the name suggests, a Truth or Dare game. Download the free version, or splurge $1.99 on an 18+ (ages) version, either one is sure to lively up either a party, or date.

The simplistic design of the program makes the iPhone an easy initiator of the game: Choose the number of players and input names (if one wants to), then shake the phone and it will choose a player. That someone has to choose Truth or Dare.

Once the player makes the choice in “Truth or Dare” the App chooses the truth to be told, or the daring act that must be performed by the participant, such as “Choose a player to go into the next room with, turn off the lights and give them a kiss.”

Choosing Truth could result in having to answer a question like, “Have you ever stolen anything?” Or the embarrassing question could nail an unsuspecting person by quipping, “Did you brush your teeth this morning?” There is even an “Open Truth” that will come up where “You have to leave the room and the group decides…” So loosen up on that date already!

Grade: A
"Truth Or Dare"

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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