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Zombie Duck Hunt App is Currently Free

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The current Number One in the Top Free applications section is the “Zombie Duck Hunt” App! For a limited time the tilt and touchscreen mayhem that is shooting down the lethal undead, now flying on rotted wings, comes to the iPhone in a complete version for free here [iTunes link].

Duck Hunt was one of Nintendo’s biggest successes early on, but where they began the makers of the “Zombie Duck hunt” App have gone further. The world is perilous, as not just goofy-looking flying zombie ducks are threatening to nibble players to death, but Killer Geese and Mutant Quail encompass the reedy swamp area as well.

The “Zombie Duck Hunt” application plays in WIDESCREEN. This game has three challenging difficulties and a simple enough control system. Just tilt the iPhone to move the target up and down, left and right, and then press the bottom left hand corner to reload, or the bottom right hand corner to FIRE!

This zombie hunting training seminar is a great way to unwind, and like a catchy Beatles song, this game does not ever seem to get old. The cartoon landscape, zombie birds and difficulty in striking at the un-beating heart of the undead provides a funny, thrilling and entertaining display that easily fills that video game void that might be rising on line in a super market where the clock seems to crawl.

The sound effects, music and visuals make the “Zombie Duck Hunt” App a great experience; it is only missing the laughing dog from Nintendo!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

4 thoughts on “Zombie Duck Hunt App is Currently Free

  1. Fantastic game! Mario Duck an app. For iPhone ,iPod touch and iPad users will immediately bring back memories for those who played Nintendo’s Duck Hunt .With a large flock of ducks has been added as a bonus level. And now instead of a plastic gun, an index finger is the weapon. Yet, the game now includes special levels that allow you to shoot the ANGRY DOG! Be amazed and visit:

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