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Wrapsol ultra Invisible Film Equals Shock Absorption for iPhone!

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Ever drop an iPhone and cringe as the clack of it is heard hitting the floor? Ever become sick of the bulky cases that turn the slim and sexy iPhone 3Gs into a giant pocket-clogging mastodon? Welcome the Wrapsol ultra film!

The innovative portable electronics protection company Wrapsol has produced a thick film from the same clear-coat bumper protection of Formula One racing cars. The Wrapsol ultra is currently being made for everything from the Sony PSP to the Motorola Droid, and I was able to secure a few for testing purposes.

To start I’d have to say I have been dead against any screen protector on my iPhone, because I hate the lack of touch sensitivity and the bubbles that come along with them, though I understand the logic in protecting the touchscreen. Instead I had chosen a leather case that was open on the front but bordered so the screen did not suffer if I dropped it. It made my iPhone kind of obese, though.

A couple of dedicated readers, and myself, tried the Wrapsol ultra out for a couple of months, and the new Wrapsol film is awesome! The package includes two pieces that custom-fit the iPhone, front and back, giving the device an invisible barrier that absorbs shocks from up to six feet in the air, or where a person is most likely to drop it from. The pieces are custom cut and are easily placed on the iPhone and then squeegeed down so that no bubbles are present.

The film is thicker than most of the flimsy screen protectors on the market, and surprisingly, it does not disrupt thumbing the touchscreen at all; only the feel is a little bit different, as it is plastic instead of glass touching the skin.

The iPhone stands protected beautifully and invisibly beneath the Wrapsol ultra, even after months of abuse in the every day world (and the testers and I did perform extensive wear, dropping and tear). The package is $24.95 at and includes the squeegee and a micro cloth for wiping the shininess down.

The Wrapsol ultra also makes a donation with each unit sold to the Cool Earth organization, and all of the packaging components are completely reusable and recyclable!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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