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WordNet English Dictionary and Thesaurus App Kicks Figurative Bum

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Princeton has provided the knowledge to sustain the English lovers’ can-kicking free mobile dictionary and thesaurus application: “WordNet.”

Each of the 1.4 million plus words included in the “WordNet” App are given rarely extensive treatment in a free for the iPhone program; there are literally nine different definitions for the word butt as a noun, including the stub of something, a cigarette and a target, and three definitions with butt as a verb, including to border or share a boundary.

Nowhere is a digital dictionary and thesaurus organized like it is in the “WordNet” App, it is truly remarkable! Looking up any word results in finding not just the definition, but also a host of easily discernable synonyms, and what is more, each word is shown by the application to connect to one another with an explanation so that a writer is not blindly using a synonym out of the correct context.

Words are given history lists and can be bookmarked intuitively, as if the “WordNet” App was an internet browser. Alongside the numerous synonyms and antonyms, that are found in any online dictionary, are hypernyms or generic words, hyponyms or subordinate words and meronyms or part names, and each of these are given examples to illustrate how the correct words can be used.

Any student, scholar, professor, writer, reader, or word curious individual cannot deny the invaluableness of the “WordNet” application. Let the spelling bees begin! If the “WordNet” App is unavailable in the App Store then download it here in iTunes:


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2 thoughts on “WordNet English Dictionary and Thesaurus App Kicks Figurative Bum

    1. Sorry about that, it left the App Store for some reason, but I’ve posted a link to it in iTunes where the App can also be downloaded.

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