What do you want to see next from Apple?

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Any day now the Macworld rumors are going to start spinning into high gear. There will be rumors between now and January about everything from the iTablet (still not happening) to Apple gaming consoles, new iMacs, new Mac Minis, iPhone nanos, and Heaven’s knows what else.

Most of these rumors are started simply because people are describing what they would like to see come from Apple next.

So – instead of passing stuff off as rumors this time around, let’s just talk about what we’d like to see next, with our pies firmly floating in the sky.

For me, it’s not a piece of hardware or software. I don’t want the iTablet, an Apple 360, or a Mac Nano.

I just want Apple to become more developer friendly on the iPhone and iPod touch. The arbitrary blocking, rejecting, and censoring of Apps is really something that is getting under my skin, and making me question the company. I’m not a fan of letting just anything into the store (I don’t want malware anymore than the next person), but rejecting other browsers, other mail apps, and apps that feature content that is no more objectionable than the content featured in Apple’s video and music stores is very upsetting.

I don’t care if it’s in the terms of service or not – that’s not the point. I want those terms of service changed – so that the mobile platform is as free form as OS X itself.

That’s the thing that I think is the most important to the future of the company, and it’s what I would most like to see beyond any and all technological innovation. After they get that out of the way…gimme a Mac Nano.

What about you?

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14 thoughts on “What do you want to see next from Apple?

  1. Bring back the matte screen option on all laptops!

    And make sure matte screens are available on the new Cinema displays, too.

    Also Apple should install a Firewire 400 port on the new MacBooks (which lack Firewire entirely) — and also install at least one extra Firewire 400 port on the new MacBookPros, which now include merely one Firewire 800 port.

    Although I know I can daisy-chain devices on the Firewire 800, extra 400 ports on the pro models are still very useful — and imperative on the new MacBooks, which presently lack any Firewire at all.

    It’s too bad my wish list has to be so backward looking — but Apple’s new laptops are badly flawed without a matte option and more Firewire.

  2. More openness on development platforms, especially iPod Touch and iPhone. Dump the vendor locking on the iPhone and sell it world wide over the counter. An iTunes store in my country and finally a MacBook with a Firewire or eSATA port. Of course none of those will ever happen but one can still wish…

  3. *’ Mac Touch with Bluetooth Headset support and iPhone software.
    The iTouch Tablet. Write up an e-mail, phone the wife, then hand it to the kids in the backseat to watch Wall-e on the ride home.

  4. A desktop lite. More than an iMac and less than a full blown 8 core G5. I just want a powerful desktop that I can add my own monitor too.

  5. A smart portable digital projector that does not need to be tethered to a laptop to show Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, rather, could be managed by an iPhone or iPod.

  6. what Mishet said. Also throw in a Blue Ray drive and make me happy.
    OH! and, BTW, make an ADAPTOR for your NEW monitor connections so I don’t have to throw away my PERFECTLYL GOOD APPLE CINEMA DISPLAY with an ADC connector, for goodness sakes! It’s gonna really chap me to have waited three years for the mythical midrange tower and not be able to buy it because I can’t afford another monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Next generation iPhone with three killer additions (the absence of which still holds me back from buying them for all my family):
    1) Turn-by-turn GPS
    2) Video capture using enhanced resolution back-facing camera
    3) Built in front-facing iSight, allowing (cost-free) wifi videoconferencing with desktop Macs via iChat.
    And while they’re at it, bring back the iChat video answer phone function that was pulled from early betas: https://www.macrumors.com/2006/12/13/leopard-ichat-answering-machine/

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