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The iPhone comes with an excellent weather application preinstalled, so why should one want more?

In the movie “Back to the Future Part 2,” Doc Brown complains about the 21st century’s mail, but not the weather service. He knows to the minute when the rain is going to stop, and it can now be determined that the crazy-haired scientist’s knowledge came from an iPhone’s “Weather Channel” App!

The “Weather Channel” App is directly from the world-famous TV news source, the Weather Channel, one of the premier forces in determining up to the second predictions of sun, snow, global warming and everything in between.

The application is one of the App Store’s perennial Top 50 Free Downloads, because its pinpoint accuracy cannot be beat.

Firing up the program, it automatically determines one’s location, and the App then asks to save the location as a favorite for quick access to that specific town in case one should change location. This feature is extremely convenient as anyone in a place with a diverse range of different weather situations, especially New York, can tell if it will be snowing at home, raining at work, hailing on the way to and from work and icing up when one visits the never-sleeping city later that night.

The App displays the Current weather, the Hourly weather, the 36 Hour forecast and the 10-Day forecast. In every look there are vital details that the iPhone’s Weather application does not have, like not only the temperature of 28 degrees, but what it Feels Like at 16 degrees; it also shows the Wind, Humidity, UV Index, Dew Point, Visibility, Sunrise, Sunset and even the full radar map for each forecast!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

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