UFO camera App Superimposes and Abducts iPhones!

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I want to believe!

For every amateur, professional and federal UFO hunter, follower, hobbyist and hoaxer out there comes the incredibly adept “UFO camera” application for the iPhone.

The “UFO camera SILVER” App is free in the Apple Store and provides any user with three different images of UFOs for the purpose of doctoring an iPhone picture. Scare the pants off of every family member by revealing that the honeymoon picture, taken at the hotel resort, show a clearly discernable UFO in the clouds just over the Florida palm trees.

The “UFO camera” App is easily mastered and great for reproducing posters and pictures similar to the one Fox Mulder had over his desk in the FBI basement home of the X-Files. Either take a shot, or use one from memory to insert one or more UFOs. The free version allows for three different UFOs and the ability to adjust their size and transparency in the photo.

The UFOs take on the lighting of the photograph’s background and the effect produces realistic alien sightings on earth. The visitors can be seen flying over the pyramids in Egypt, over the billboards in Times Square, or over one’s own backyard barbeque.

Wave to the clouds, click the iPhone camera, and then insert a hazy UFO into the wisps of atmospheric cumulus. The “UFO camera GOLD” App version is $.99 and adds another sixteen kinds of UFOs, as well as the ability to turn, rotate and even add aliens and missiles to the flying disks!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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