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How do millions of argumentative students, from the world’s different cultures, read, study and translate the Bible for educational debate? How do the theologians keep their memories of a multi-thousand-page book sharp? Now everyone can do this easily and can refer to the Christian biblical writings, in 41 different translations, with’s free “Bible” application for the iPhone!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and a just little bit later God invented the iPhone. Any scholar, of any religion or faith (or lack thereof) will want to have easy access to the often-studied Bible, if for no other reason then to double-check the King James version of Cain’s violent tale.

The “Bible” App is incredibly in-depth, intuitive and essential to referencing the big book! There is a search function here, to easily pull any elusive person, like Jonah hiding in the whale, or topic such as the end of the world that appears in the ominous Book of Revelations.

The “Bible” App is well planned and well organized, and even comes with reading plans to help readers track their progress and bookmark select verses. The application’s settings are phenomenally specific and allow the user to take control of the lighting background, the font size and the amount of the lines shown in the passages’ previews.

Genesis starts out the “Bible” App, as it should, and at the top of the touchscreen is a next button to thumb to the next part, or Genesis 2. Just below that feature is written what version of the Bible is being read and by pressing that one can unlock the dozens of different versions, including the 1545 Luther Bible written in Deutsch and the Finnish 1938 translation. Go alpha to omega with the “Bible” App!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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