SPECULATION: What new features will the upcoming iPhone update bring?

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Sure, we can all talk about how all those folks that unlocked their iPhones may be screwed (and guys, I feel sorry for you if it happens – but don’t say I didn’t warn you), but – instead – let’s talk about another interesting part of that little announcement from Apple yesterday:

Apple plans to release the next iPhone software update, containing many new features including the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (www.itunes.com), later this week.

Many new features huh?

Is the iPhone getting primed for a holiday-timed software overhaul?

Looks like it. So – just what can we expect to see from this software upgrade? Here’s my moderately educated guesses:

1) Wi-Fi iTunes Store – that’s the only thing we know for sure.
2) MMS – Seems kind of stupid that we don’t have it already, and some iPhone users have been getting emails about it – so…maybe.
3) iChat – It’s already appeared on AT&T Questionnaires – so it seems likely that we’ll see it as one of the “many”
4) improved Safari – I hope so, because it’s been crashing on me quite a bit recently
5) Copy and Paste – I sure hope so. Copy and Paste is probably my most wanted feature – ahead of everything else on this list.

So, those are my guesses. What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “SPECULATION: What new features will the upcoming iPhone update bring?

  1. I’d really like to see MMS.
    My brother was going to send me a picture. I told him I wouldn’t be able to view it cause my phone doesn’t have MMS, he said, “maybe you should have bought a more expensive phone.”

  2. I would really like the ability to use landscape mode for all applications. At least all the ones where you heavily type, like email and text. iChat would be lovely.

  3. Bluetooth enabling (same for iPod Touch), please!!!!
    Can we finally get rid of earphones wires?

    Ho! yeah and a iPhone release in Canada will be another kind but not less great upgrade, Mmmm, M. Jobs?

  4. my top three –

    * mms is way up there for me. the interim solution that att provides is appalling.

    * copy and paste is next. of course, the inability to copy and paste has led me to write very concise emails – a skill that i have since adopted when using my mac.

    * landscape for all views, just for ui consistency sake.

    the rest are all dreams and wishes… “would-be-nice” sort of requests. these are why hackers hack –

    * games, come on! let’s get frenzic and bejeweled already!

    * ichat would be okay, but i’m pretty happy with beejive. that said, having a jabber/aim chat app who’s springboard icon updates with new messages would be great. same goes for a twitter client.

    * an improved springboard, or just adopt summerboard as the springboard replacement. it’s great and gives most users the ability to theme their phones – it seems like that’s what most of the hacking is all about.

  5. I must be a dumbass and simply dont know how to use my phone. Does anyone but me want a simpler way to delete junk mail in big chunks like the ability to “command click” until you have selected all of the crap and then dump it in one swoop. It takes me hours to delete all the junk mail I get!! What gives? Why hasnt anyone else mentioned this?

  6. I’d love to see Contacts grouped by category like in Outlook. Right now all my “Business,” “Personal,” “Customer” contacts are all listed in alphabetical order. Since outlook has categories, it would be nice if Apple allowed to be able to “Group” your contacts in this phone…instead of having one huge list.

  7. Chuck, you can already do that. Group your contacts on your computer and then have itunes transfer your data over. Then press “groups” in your contacts menu. And if you still don’t like the alphabetical order, go in your settings and you can organize the contacts by first name too.

  8. with a web that is consistently moving away from text and to streaming video, I can’t believe no one is even talking about flash player.

  9. “Chuck, you can already do that. Group your contacts on your computer and then have itunes transfer your data over. Then press “groups” in your contacts menu.”

    Hm, I have the latest firmware, and I see no such menu on the phone.

  10. i would love to see mms… thats one reason why im thinking abotu selling my iphone..
    also flashplayer..
    and a big is copy and paste…
    and ichat would be sweet

  11. Flash anyone? Come on…all the phone needs is MMS, chat and FLASH and the iphone will be the equivalent of kryptonite, literally!

  12. Your right it needs mms & flashplayer & im whould be great also! They call this a hand held computer sorry not until you work on these things!

    Thank you Nick Jury,

  13. this is what I would like:

    forwarding texts
    copy and paste
    voice commands
    and a faster internet

    yeah I think thats it for now! haha.

  14. For me there are two which beat everything else above – and I can’t believe nobody has mentioned them:
    1) Search/spotlight. Come on – there are mini search features in several apps but why not have one on main menu that finds Contacts, Addresses, Emails (a bit tougher, I grant you), etc?
    2) Syncable notes. I want notes to sync in/out of something on my desktop that I can copy/paste into/out of. And I want these notes to be searchable. I am an old Palm user and I can’t forget the wonderful utility of being able to search for pre-stored notes containing i) loyalty card numbers ii) insurance details iii) directions to foreign offices iv) Xmas present lists, etc.

  15. I was hoping for an update that allowed me to use my Bluetooth for something other than my hands free. I want to connect my iPhone to my Macbook, received pictures etc from friends via bluetooth. It’s a pain, it’s the only thing i don’t like about the phone.

  16. I was thinking of picking up an iphone for christmas as alittle gift for myself, but i’m weary about getting it because it is missing so many features that were in smartphones years ago. I currently have the Cingular 8125 which is like the most archaic touchscreen smartphone ever but at least I can copy and paste. Plus the idea of not being able to receive MMS is quite appauling to me. Those two features alone have steered me towards the AT&T Tilt aka Cingular 8929. It’s a hard decision to choose what features I’m willing to live without.

  17. everything steve job will done with iphone but never he will give us a forward option in sms and never he will give one sms remove option really its very sucks

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