Speculation for Tuesday: Macbook Pro Updates – iPhone SDK Delay

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February is fast approaching an end, and it is looking more and more like we won’t be seeing that iPhone SDK we were all promised. Rumors are starting to circulate that the iPhone SDK will be delayed by as much as 3 weeks. My own personal guess, since we’ve seen no indication that Apple will be holding a special event before the end of the month, is that those rumors are true, and we won’t be seeing the SDK in February at all.

I feel confident that the iPhone SDK will require a “special event” by Apple to introduce not only what it will and will not do to the world, but also how we will, and more importantly, how we WON’T be getting apps for our iPhones.

So what WILL Apple give us on Tuesday?

Well…while I have no crystal ball, or insider info, my personal guess is that we’ll be getting those new Macbook Pros to hopefully overshadow, or at least counter act, the iPhone SDK news.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Speculation for Tuesday: Macbook Pro Updates – iPhone SDK Delay

  1. I don’t understand why apple would announce a well far away date for the sdk to be released like the end of feb 2008 and then miss it.
    They’d better be releasing something big tomorrow in the hope of masking the delay and saving the stock prices.

  2. Beyond the Special Event showing us what will (and won’t) the SDK do for us iPhone owners . . . I am hopeful they will also roll out at least some applications at the same time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed some of those applications will be iPhone Mobile versions of iWork and Quicken . . .

  3. I so hope everyone is right that this update is coming out. I have been holding off buying a macbook pro for this very reason. The only thing that worries me is that i wonder if its going to come with a blu ray disc player or not.

    It seems that so many other laptops have already gone toward the movement of HD-Dvd or Blu-Ray.

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