Wingnuts Moto Chaser, Super Monkey Ball updated for iPhone

Two large developers released major updates to their initial iPhone offerings this week.

First up is Freeverse who updated their Wingnuts Moto Racer game (which has been renamed Wingnuts Moto Chaser) to version 1.1. The update adds additional music tracks, a pause functionality, and moves the punch button to the right side of the screen.

These changes were made based on feedback from users – except for the name which was a copyright issue. The game has also been reduced in price from the original $9.99 now down to $5.99.

Sega has also released a significant update to “Super Monkey Ball” which improves the control scheme, making it a little easier to use. The ball isn’t quite as prone to turning around when you try to stop, and making the ball come to a complete stop is a little easier than it used to be.

There is also a new tutorial designed to help you get used to the controls, and you can resume the game from where you left off if you press the home button during a game (the best improvement of the updates, in my opinion).

“Super Monkey Ball” is still $9.99 – and it still totally worth it.


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