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Terrapin Leather Wallet Case

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The best thing about iPhone wallet cases is that they protect the phone all over – front, back, and everywhere else. Still, it comes down to personal preferences. Some like thin cases while others like tough, bulky ones. At the end of the day, however, I believe having a bunch of cases is the smart way to go – with cases for different days, different activities.

In any case, today, I’m reviewing a leather wallet case provided by Terrapin Accessories, which specializes in this type of case.

The case is for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus as I use the former.

You know what hit me the first thing I held the case? The aroma of leather. We were off to a good start…Who doesn’t love the smell of real leather?

But smell only gets you so far. More important is the design and functionality, which we’ll look at in the following sections.

Terrapin Leather Wallet Case Features

Right out of the wrapping, the Terrapin leather wallet case impresses with its simple yet elegant looks. It isn’t hard to imagine the case looking right at home in a not-so-casual setting. The little tag connected to the flap is a guarantee that the leather is genuine – you know, just in case the smell doesn’t convince you.

One of the best things about it: the leather feels soft. It may seem a trivial detail, but it does make a difference compared to other wallet cases I have used.

As can be expected from iPhone cases, this has the proper cutout for the camera and a snap-on case on the left flap and slots for cards and bills on the left. Nothing extra special there, but features that are necessary in a wallet case.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the snap-on case. There are too many wallet cases out there which fit so badly that you might as well use double-sided tape on the back of your phone to keep it from falling out.

You don’t have to worry about that with the Terrapin leather case. My phone snapped on (literally) easily and the case fit like a glove. No concerns about it falling out.

wallet case review

Terrapin Leather Wallet Caseiphone wallet caseiphone wallet case

iPhone 6 Plus with the Case

So you’ve seen the case inside out, but not in action. How does it perform in “real life” – with a phone inside?

As I mentioned earlier, the iPhone 6 Plus fit snugly and the buttons easily accessible – which is to be expected. What I like about this particular design is that the sections for the buttons are cut out so you can actually press the buttons – as opposed to cases which cover the buttons whilst giving access. I guess it’s just that I prefer the more tactile experience. You can see the cutouts below.

And, of course, the speakers, lightning port, and 3.5mm jack are uncovered as well.

As you can see, the Terrapin leather wallet case is an excellent accessory for your phone – providing all the necessary features and then some.

iPhone 6 Plus in the case

The only thing that I had a bit of trouble with is that when I closed the case (even without cards and cash), the cover flap wasn’t flush with the back.


I inspected the phone/case more closely and realized it was (is) probably due to the spine being too “thin”. Imagine a wallet that has too many cards, IDs, and coins, making it so fat that you have difficulty closing it. Now, if the spine were a tad wider, the case would close perfectly.

Still, I have not experienced any other issue with the case whether I was at home or outside. In fact, using the case when I go out gives me peace of mind – and that’s not an exaggeration. My bags sometimes functions as the TARDIS of bags – bigger on the inside, with everything getting smushed. One of my main worries is that my phone would get scratched (you don’t want to know what I’ve all got in my bag). With the wallet case, I am sure the phone’s safe.

Another thing, the phone makes it convenient if I don’t want to spend 20 minutes rummaging in my bag to find my wallet. I just put enough cash and essential cards in the slots, and I’m good to go.

Long story short: For about $17, you could do worse than the Terrapin wallet case. Check it out here.

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