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What did you do last Monday? Really, you don’t remember, do you? Well you would if you used the “Project 365” App! Don’t waste the days!

I often cannot recall what I did even yesterday, so this free application for the iPhone is a no brainer. The ingenious and innovative “Project 365” application creates a calendar designed around pictures from a user’s camera or their iPhone’s library.

Open the App and see the current month, along with an enlarged and colored number on the current day of the week. Simply click on any of the days and click on the camera icon to place a photo on that day.

Opening the App, once pictures have been seamlessly uploaded, immediately reminds the user of what they did each day of the week and month and year!

Write whatever captions come to mind, and in a few seconds one can represent each day of the year in an easily recognized pictorial-calendar format.

The “Project 365” application was created by the same innovators that launched the “Gorillacam” App, Alvin Yu, and quality and intrigue is in the unique idea: follow one’s life through a single picture and never forget the accomplishments of a day.

There is also a send function, similar to that of the iPhone’s “Photos App,” that allows the user to instantly send any picture from “Project 365” to Twitter, Facebook, or an email address!

All it takes is a few seconds…press on the current day and take a snapshot that represents something for the day, or use a library shot that ties in to the daily activities of the individual.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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