Official Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’10 App is a Hit

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Take a free swing and crush the fantasy baseball leagues with the ultimate real-time stat-tracking “Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’10” application for the iPhone!

Touch everything with a thumb and receive player statistics, league leaders, league standings and of course the owner matchups for the current, past and future weeks. Real-time score updates are provided, without having to purchase an additional Stattracker, for following Joe Mauer tearing it up at the Catcher position, Johan Santana making the Mets proud, for keeping up on Rob’s Sox and even for seeing the entire fantastical league.

This free App is the official Yahoo! Baseball-specific program for mobile fantasy managing! The interface is easy to use and gorgeous, with all of the team avatars, players’ photographs and a more pleasing to the eye setup than the Yahoo! Website itself.

The “Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ‘10” App makes editing the lineup while boarding the train, that is headed into Citi Field to see the New York Mets play the rival Yankees in the Subway Series, a simple task for the manager without a clipboard. Press edit lineup and the bench emerges where highlighted players can play the position, and the unhighlighted ballplayers from that list cannot fill in for Chipper Jones at third base due to their playing the outfield or having a day off.

Coming soon to the “Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ‘10” App is the essential Jedi ability to search for players by name or position and to create lineups with player add and drop functions from the iPhone. When that happens it will be a perfect game!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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