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The unofficial iPhone fan App “LOST ADDICT” has escaped the Island and come home to be the mobile users who need the tools to save the world!

Every day the free “LOST ADDICT” application collects from the net the most up to the minute theories, discussions, videos, podcasts, articles and blogs pertaining to the television anomaly LOST. Many of the web sites that decipher the hidden messages from the episodes, like and others, are presented in order of newest to oldest on a beautiful interface.

Now that the LOST finale is over the debates continue to rage on: many are very pleased with the way the mysterious island and its past, present and future inhabitants have ended up, while others are furious over what transpired in the very last episode; many are trying to figure out just what they interpreted the ending meant, as in real events versus purgatory events and the messiness in between.

The “LOST ADDICT” App has an amazing amount of information filtered down to one tropical looking screen. Read about the comparison between the evil Locke lowering Desmond down to the waterfall and the flashback to Desmond in the hatch when the button was not pressed… “The Hatch and the Cork” by LongLiveLocke, or DarkUFO on Twitter, gives a great explanation for the electromagnetism holding the evil part of the light back in the hatch from the Dharma initiative and the light in the cave! Get LOST now.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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