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The love making positions of the “Kalm Sutra” application are free to explore on the iPhone! The ancient art of making love is depicted tastefully in this App where the male Elephant humanoid meets the Lady Tiger and bares her a little more than just his heart. Well hello Lady Tiger!

Education is the path to wisdom, and the “Kalm Sutra” program gives a busy couple the luxury of learning some interesting sights and stances that have been forgotten in the modern world. The awesome, engaging and addictive App puts spontaneous and portable in the same sentence.

Besides the artistic drawings of Elephant loving Tiger there are directions on how to accomplish t he same feat and even the benefit of the position is listed for the true scholar. For example: The Blooming Souls spot features the Elephant who “holds in a firm plank position with Tiger embracing from below” and this helps build the Elephant’s stamina and upper body strength, while the Lady Tiger “can lay back and enjoy.”

Though there are advertisements, and only the Autumn book is currently visible for free (the full version is $.99), there is still a lot of engaging touchscreen activity to be had in the “Kalm Sutra” App. Want to liven the mood, then the intuitive application provides sensual Indian sitars, the likes of which have rarely been heard in the mainland US, except of course when George Harrison popularized it for a time.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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