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Find me a taxi ASAP. Then get me reservations to a Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan…and make it close to my current locale at MSG. Done.

With the “Siri Assistant” application, that is free for the iPhone 3GS, your wish is the Siri genie’s command. The “Siri Assistant” is exactly what it is advertised as…a remarkable personal assistant that does not require abnormally obscene hourly fees to operate your life.

This is an amazing App in that it gathers specific answers or actions for the user’s request; the “Siri Assistant” blows away the “Google” Apps and even the “Bing” App, as Siri is ultra specific in getting the iPhone user what they want, and possibly uses Google and Bing as tools to work its magic.

Fire up the “Siri Assistant” and be greeted by a familiar instant messenger style screen that introduces itself as your new personal assistant who then asks to use your current location and name. Siri personalizes around the user, where they are, where they might want to go and what they want to do.

Type any specific request, or choose one of the appropriated categories for picking Restaurants, Taxi booking, Local businesses, Movies playing, Events happening soon/now or speak your need directly to the “Siri Assistant.”

Click on Restaurants and choose to search by food “style,” the dish type of “serving,” the “name” of the place, the city or zip code it is “in,” what it is “near,” find a place available for “reservation,” or even by the “description” of the romantic, or otherwise, ambience. Just type events or food near Madison Square and see everything that is going on, eating-wise, concert-wise, sports-wise and taxi-wise.

Let the “Siri Assistant” App instantaneously acquire whatever it is the user needs to entertain and sustain, and Siri will do everything for you except complain. The only downside to this application is that it is only available on iPhone 3GS phones in the U.S.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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