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Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App Has It All

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The application for the true guitarist is finally here and free for the iPhone. The “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar” App goes far beyond the simple tuning applications, and approaches the iPhone as a portable tool to be utilized by the musician’s musician.

The “Gibson L & M” App provides lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarists, a chord library with essential fingerings documented behind the intuitive touch screen, and direct access to where the player can check out up to the second news on the Les Paul, one of the world’s best selling guitars.

Many music masters insist that playing an instrument by one’s self and without a metronome is almost a wasted practice session. Welcome an application that provides an excellent metronome, metronomes cost at least twenty dollars in a music store, that features an amazingly displayed device that includes the time signature, in 4/4, ¾ and 2/4; there is a beats per minute dial to quickly flick a thumb and pick up the right background beat, which also shows up in a digital readout so that precision is easily achieved.

And yes it has tuners, phenomenal tuners! The “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar” App features a professional chromatic tuner that utilizes the iPhone’s microphone to tune any instrument. There are also alternate tuning settings so that putting one’s guitar into the key of Drop D is seasy, and the tuner also plays sample tones to match your instrument to. This App is a guitarist’s dream!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

2 thoughts on “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App Has It All

    1. It is really handy to have! I play and since I have my iPhone with me all the time this works so well!

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