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Travelers of the world on a budget unite!

The free “” application for the iPhone saves money in regards to hotel rooms, and the precious dollars, Euros and pounds can then be used for fun activities in the scenic cities and locales on earth.

The “” App is a portable version of the site that makes web reservations easy and inexpensive, especially when compared to (though I love the William Shatner commercials). This intuitive application compiles over 23,000 hostels and 6,000 budget hotels worldwide and places them in an extremely easy to use search function.

Thumb up the “” App and a “Sleep Easy” format displays the vital information: the date arriving, the number of nights staying and the amount of guests to stay are put in with the city or country that one is traversing to.

Going to London? A list of hotels and hostels appear with the rate per person per night and a positive feedback rating percentage. Pressing the touchscreen on All Star Private Studios allows for booking a room there, adding the locale to a list of favorites and reading the details of this affordable establishment in Willesden Green; there are self-catering studio apartments, private rooms, or the minimal hostel type beds there to rent along with free Wifi.

The “” App is perfect for the poor college student who wants some culture or even the businessman witha mind for a long weekend off in Amsterdam. Photos, reviews and facilities are all visible as well to get a feel for the place. Travel it up!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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