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Free DC Comics App! Have a Happy 4th!

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Read from the vast treasure trove that is DC Comics on the iPhone for free?!

The “DC Comics” application provides many titles and series of comics and graphic novels that are available to preview and then download to a beautifully displayed iPhone or iPad screen. Get it here [iTunes link].

It is true that the entire DC Universe is there, and it is also true that many of the full series, runs and special issued comics cost small fees (the price varies according to the books). But what cannot be overlooked is that the “DC Comics” App gives a huge amount of high quality Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other titles for free!

Fire up the intuitive application and immediately become wowed by the art that is featured everywhere! Jim Lee’s rendition of Batman greets the user upon opening this and every issue that one might have the slightest interest in getting, at a comic shop or for download in the App, displays cover artwork, titles and story information to provide the interested reader with killer insight.

The “DC Comics” App currently has Batman: Black & White issues up for free, and one can thumb up the vitals that say how the “Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN, American Gods) and eye-popping artist Simon Bisley (LOBO) deliver a make-believe story spotlighting the struggle between Batman and The Joker.”

Download the book for free, or if one desires it in print then the “DC Comics” App provides a “Buy in Print” function that locates the user and the nearest shops that stock Batman: Black & White! Happy Fourth of July!

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A+

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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