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“What is the name of main female news reporter at Quahog channel 5?” If you answered “Diane Simmons” then you know your Family Guy pretty well.

Get five ten question quizzes about the hilarious hit Family Guy in the “Family Guy Trivia Free” application for the iPhone [iTunes link]! Find out which friend in the crew relishes in the most frantic hours of cartoon watching with these questions.

The first quiz is fairly straightforward and easy, even for a novice Family Guy watcher, but as the quizzes continue there are more and more difficult and episode specific quips inserted into the interrogation.

For example: “At one point a tour bus carrying a boy band breaks down in front of the Griffin’s home, much to Meg’s delight. What band stepped out of the bus?” There are four choices given to choose from, but only the genius that caught that one show is going to know who commandeered the Griffin daughter’s heart and sex drive.

The answers turn green when they are thumbed on the touchscreen and are correct. They turn red when they are wrong, and the quiz counts the questions and gives the successful percentage at the end of the suspense, to provide a similar jaw dropping experience to the slow motion capture of Stewie shooting Lois with an automatic rifle.

What episode do Bert and Ernie appear on the Griffin’s TV? Well, the “Family Guy Trivia Free” App will have to answer that question amongst other difficult and fastly addictive queries.

If the user does bad then Peter Griffin would suggest they listen to a Lionel Richie album, because it will change their life. “Who hurt you Lionel?”

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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One thought on “Family Guy Trivia FREE App Tests the Best

  1. So let me get this straight: If you happen to watch one episode of Family Guy and remember it – you’re a “genius”?

    Did I fall asleep for 500 years & wake up on the set for Idiocracy?

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