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Eco Punk App Depicts Environmentalist Extremists Blowing Up Cars

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“Now get green, or die!”

This is one of the slogans that greet players of the “Eco Punk” game, which is free for one day for the iPhone. Take “Grand Theft Auto” and drop onto the streets an environmentalist that is a skateboarding skeletal punk bunny with a mean attitude. Add a thrashing punk and hardcore soundtrack and you have the “Eco Punk” App!

The game is simple, fun and addictive though its message is certainly speaking to extremist ideals. The bunny with the mean looking skull with floppy ears skateboards the car-heavy streets with the dragging of a finger along the sensitive touch screen of the iPhone.

The player collects garbage and litter for points, avoiding cars, which instantly kill the radical bunny. Once the player gets enough points he can collect a blue or red circle, which allows the punk to then either skate into cars, blowing them up, or shoot at cars blasting them to pieces.

Morality is called into question immediately, as this Top Download from the App Store is adept at providing difficult and engaging gameplay that makes for a lot of fun, but at the same time is sending a very pro-extremist ideal into the hands of iPhone gamers. Extremist environmentalists have been known to blow up vehicles and more items of loggers and polluters across the globe.

The “Eco Punk” App is not even attempting to hide the fact that the game is a cultural model in which eco terrorism is rewarded, with points and more fun activities in the game, because it is reinforcing the “Eco Punk” rebel position that it is celebrating.

The fact that Apple does not approve of pornography, yet allows for a game of this nature is staggering. Society is influenced by the smallest of things, including an App, and the extremists have provided a fictional point of view where blowing up polluting cars is the biggest goal?

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: ??

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

3 thoughts on “Eco Punk App Depicts Environmentalist Extremists Blowing Up Cars

  1. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

    This is the best game on the iphone. Quit your whining. Boooo hooooo!!!!!! It’s suuuccchhhh a big deal!!! IT’S A GAME, BABY!!!!

    1. It is a very fun game…that is what makes the debate interesting…is the fun only there, because of the blatant eco-terrorism?

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