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Dangerous Convenience in Amazon Mobile App

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The wondrous treasures of come to the iPhone in the free “Amazon Mobile” application.

Look out! Wallets will be getting lighter by the minute due to the ease of access and the convenience of this excellent and effective “Amazon Mobile” App.

The homepage has been shrunken to the iPhone’s screen flawlessly, and the thumb of the user can now realize the intuitive interface and the hosts of books, movies and near infinite other goods.

All of the well-known features are here, including the 1-click buy option, the Amazon user accounts, existing carts, wishlists, payment and shipping options and even the customers’ previous order history. All of Amazon’s great shopping tools are here, so that a user can easily compare prices of books, or read reviews to see if the comedic “Religulous” DVD is worth buying (and it is).

Exclusive to the “Amazon Mobile” App is a new experimental function called Amazon Remembers. With this an owner of an iPhone or iPod Touch can take pictures of things that the mobile consumer might want to buy or find out about. Amazon stores these things for you and if it is a product the “Amazon Mobile” application searches the web to find one similar; when Amazon finds an interesting product it will even email the user to let them know it is available alongside the photo that was taken.

If for nothing else, has proven a great source of information to find out about curious books and movies, and the customer reviews can be very helpful.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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