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With the electronics stores of the world becoming more limited to Bestbuy, Bestbuy and Bestbuy, has offered cutting edge technology for incredible prices for years now so meet the App!

The online store appears on the portable screen just as beautifully as it does on the larger computer screen. This App is a great method for price checking against the set in stone ads of the evil empire, Bestbuy, which does not always have the best price or buy, and Newegg offers a near infinite supply of all brands of electronics and computer products.

Get the ultimate computer, camera and electronics guide with the free “Newegg Mobile” application for the iPhone. Newegg has long been a haven for computer builders, as they provide all manner of parts from cooling fans, motherboards, chipsets, drives and cables.

The “Newegg Mobile” App features over 1.7 million customer reviews to give real insight into that Bluray player that takes two hours to load a disc, and, like the website, the App gives a great array of pictures and easy shopping searches. There are even special sales that appear on the homepage that mirror Bestbuy ads, though the products and deals often dwarf the much larger competitor.

Easily search, buy, sample and even review the most up to date camcorders, home theater components, gaming devices, software, computer hardware and networking routers on the “Newegg Mobile” App! There is no store like Newegg.

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