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Some of the top minds in the field of neuroscience have come together to create a cognitive enhancement program to broaden the capabilities of the brain using…an iPhone?

The “Brain Trainer” application has been constructed by personnel at top universities, including Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley, to quite simply put: challenge the brain to improve the memory, mood, problem solving skills and ability to think quickly!

The “Brain Trainer” App provides seven games to pass the time with, in a remarkably productive manner. Fun sounds and intuitive presentations on the touchscreen create engaging situations, and even something as simple as matching shapes is put together to be challenging and addictive.

Upon opening the App the user must sign up with, one of the world’s leading suppliers of games that intend to improve brain functions, and the scores can be shared with Facebook if the player wants. It is free to sign up and free to download the “Brain Trainer” App, which is Luminosity’s giant mobile release of their programs.

One of the games revolves around a flock of birds that fly in ever-changing formations, and the game player must focus on the center bird and report which direction alone that one is flying as time ticks away. The game proves more difficult and exciting than one would ever imagine.

The “Brain Trainer” application follows each brain function and shows the user an easy to read status bar, and the App carefully instructs the player when to stop and pick up the quick games the next day to show improvement.

IMPULSIVE Review Grade: A

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  1. Unfortunately, you get a lot of junk in your inbox once they get your email address after signing up for an account.

    1. Perhaps you need to turn off notifications. I also have not gotten any email from them except for when I make a purchase.

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