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Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone Case

back to the future delorean iphone case

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If you thought that the iPhone 6 “Crazy Case Batmobile” is the best ever iPhone 6 case (as I did), you might want to think again (as I am doing).

Bandai has done it again with another iPhone case that’s definitely not for everyone, but will make everyone take a second look.

Enter the Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone Case.

back to the future delorean iphone case

Seriously, need I say more?

Of course, you’ll want more details, which you can see below. It’s in Japanese, but you get the drift.

back to the future iphone case

back to the future delorean iphone case

Just to make sure that this iPhone case is really cool, here is a video showing it in action.

The DeLorean iPhone Case is from Back to the Future II, because the future is NOW! 😉

It’s specifically made for the iPhone 6, so if you’re a hardcore BTTF fan and you want this case, you’ll have to get the phone if you’re using a different model. Don’t worry, though, as you have time. The case won’t be shipping till June this year, but you better preorder now as I am quite sure Bandai will be overrun with orders soon enough.

Would you use this iPhone case?

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