Adobe unconfirms they are bringing Flash to the iPhone

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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke out of turn earlier this week when he stated that Adobe was going to bring a version of Flash to the iPhone – and has now backed off his previous statement. The company is now saying that “…to bring the full capabilities of Flash to the iPhone Web-browsing experience we do need to work with Apple beyond and above what is available through the SDK and the current license around it.”

Adobe does still want to make a version of Flash for the iPhone – the only hold up here is Apple – and if they decide not to allow Flash on the iPhone you can rest assured…it’s all on Apple’s shoulders at this point. Adobe wants to put Flash on the iPhone…if someone will let them, it will be done.

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One thought on “Adobe unconfirms they are bringing Flash to the iPhone

  1. In other words, Adobe didn’t say anything we didn’t already know: If Apple let’s it happen there’ll be Flash on the iPhone.

    Do you miss it in the iPhone? Honestly, I do not.

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