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Have you seen photos full of mystery and depth all over the web? Here you will learn how to make not just a traditional portrait, but a silhouette photo, and about post-processing apps to make the result even more vivid.

What type that photography is? It’s a way to make your photo mysterious and deep. Make it stand out without making it stand out. It only sounds complicated, but it’s actually easy to do. All you need to know is a few tricks. And you can read about the tricks that will help you to create silhouette photography in Skylum’s blog.

You can use the manual or automatic method to take the silhouette off. The manual is best since you set the settings you want. But in automatic mode, you can also create a quality silhouette by tricking your camera.

An easy algorithm for taking such a photo in automatic mode:

  1. Point the camera at the brightest part of the screen.
  2. Press the shutter button halfway, but don’t release it yet.
  3. Move the camera back to the main subject. It is recommended that the object is relaxed and in motion.
  4. Hold down the button to take the picture. Remember: the clearer your pictures are, the better they will come out. Take several doubles if necessary.

Just four quick steps and a gorgeous result. But you can choose the even easier way and install an app. There are plenty of apps online that can help you quickly take and process your silhouette photo. Below you will see the best silhouette apps.

Silhouette Photo 1

Luminar Neo

Listing all the helpers in this kind of photo is best started with the most user-friendly app. Take your photo and upload it to Luminar Neo. Then choose either ready-made settings or improve your photos manually. The “Drama” section will help you and add contrast to your silhouettes. And then enjoy the result.

YouCam Perfect

The app has enough frames, templates, backgrounds, and silhouette clipping tools. Watch out for color combinations. There should be contrast but without too bright a background. You can also use filters, add special effects, and remove unnecessary elements. This application will help you to further edit your silhouette.

Fotor Silhouette Creator

In this application, you will find everything you need to create and process a photo. You can use different backgrounds, and add silhouettes of animals, trees, or whatever you need to complement it. Scale, move, change transparency, and silhouette colors. Fotor will help you to show your imagination and get a beautiful result. You can also study ready-made examples to be inspired before you create.

Movavi Picverse

Another very useful application in photo-editing finished silhouettes. You can experiment with the saturation and contrast of the silhouette. Add shadows and black settings to darken or soften. There are also ready-to-use filters in the app so you can find exactly what you need right now.


FixThePhoto is not just an app to help you create silhouettes. It’s a whole team of retouchers who will make a professional photo editing according to your chosen parameters at any moment. They will help change the background, remove unnecessary details, and work with shadows. To get started, you can try out the free trial version and see if it fits your needs. Professionals manually edit your photos to produce spectacular and realistic results

Photo Silhouette Maker

In this program, unlike the previous one, your photos will be processed by AI. You can add colors, change the background, and add nature details. All you have to do is upload a photo and wait for the AI to process it. You can also share your photo on social networks right after editing.


LightX contains a set of features to help you in your case. It contains a stock library where you can select any picture as the background of your future photo. You can also add text and reflections to your photo. LightX contains many interesting effects to make your photos unique. The only downside is the limited features in the free version. But try it and you might want to buy the full version.

Silhouette Magic

Silhouette Magic is your magic wand for creating beautiful photos. For the background, you can choose your own photo or choose from presets. You also have a choice of decor elements to decorate your future silhouette. With it, you can quickly and beautifully edit your pics and get what you want. This application allows you to share your photo directly on social networks.


If you want the same result as an advertising banner, Silhouette is for you. You can adjust the color, transparency, and smoothness. Or you can take out the outline and get an unusual result. All you have to do is choose the right parameters and edit your photo. It, like many, contains the function to import directly into social networks.

Silhouette Photo 2


Silhouette photography is a simple process. First, decide how you want to work with your photo and what you want to get. Make your originals or find what you want online. Choose an application that suits your purposes. All you have to do is either edit the photo manually or trust the app. That’s it. Your deep and unique silhouette is ready. All you have to do is print it out or share it on your social networks.

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