Norman Foster Talks More About Apple’s Spaceship Campus

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When Apple’s “spaceship campus” first came to light, we all got excited about it – and for good reason. If you’ve  seen Robin’s awesome gallery of detailed renders and plans of the campus, then you’ll know very well how unique and groundbreaking it is. Very Apple-like.
New Detailed Renders & Plans of Apples Wheel-Shaped Campus: Render #2
Recently, more details about the new campus were revealed by Norman Foster, founder of Foster + Partners, the firm behind the plans, in an interview with Architectural Record.

I guess we can all agree that the main thing about the new campus is its shape. Call it spaceship or doughnut, it doesn’t matter. Its shape – at least in the renders – makes one go, “Whoa!”

In the interview, Norman Foster talked about how the shape takes into consideration utilizing the available space for lots – 12,000 lots – of people in one building. The ring share then is specifically designed bearing in mind everything the employees will be needing: from cafeterias to offices to jogging and bicycle trails.

And here’s the best part: no Apple employee or visitor will ever see a car while in campus.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no tree hugger, but the idea of a spacious campus with lots of greenery and no cars just sounds like the ideal work place, doesn’t it?

Been dreaming about being inside Apple HQ? Well, go inside Apple HQ!

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