10,000 iPhones sold in Germany on Launch Day – “failure”, my foot!

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Well, earlier today we talked about how their were no real lines at German Apple stores, and that Reuters had dubbed the launch of the iPhone in Germany as a failure….well…that may not be the case.

T-Mobile is now saying that they have sold 10,000 iPhones by launch day afternoon. I’m not a mathematical genius – but 10,000 iPhones in one day is pretty spectacular. That’s a gross of €3,990,000 ($5,840,000) in one day…and the day isn’t over.

The iPhone is doing well in Germany – and it will most likely do well all over the world. I can’t wait to see the UK numbers.

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9 thoughts on “10,000 iPhones sold in Germany on Launch Day – “failure”, my foot!

  1. according to engadget, apple sold 270.000 units during the first 30 hours in the u.s. – that’s roughly 0.0009 (270.000 / 300.000.000) iphones per u.s. resident.

    compared to that, launch day in germany yielded an iphone-per-day ratio of roughly 0.000117647059 (10.000 / 85.000.000). so, in comparison… that’s a lot less. :p

    i expect the price of the iphone itself and the contract costs to significantly drop in germany come next year.

  2. Umhh,

    10,000 iPhones sold via 700+ TMo shops in Germany, that makes about 14 per shop. Not too impressive for a country with 85 million inhabitants and one of the richest countries in the world IMO. my feeling is it is a disaster. What do you think?

    Best, FB

  3. I have doubts that the iPhone will be a big success in Germany,
    due to its TCO. I tried to compare the cheapest Germany plan to
    the cheapest ATT plan, so you can judge yourself if you would get it :

    Contract costs for 2 years including phone, activation and monthly fee:
    $2336 (including taxes) as opposed to $1875 in the US (without taxes?)

    What do you get for it in Germany:

    – 100 minutes as opposed to 450 in the US (in Germany you dont have
    to pay for incoming calls, so this is more like 200 min vs. 450 min)
    – No Night and weekend minutes at all
    – No rollover (unused minutes expire at the end of the month)
    – If you exceed the 100 minutes, you pay $0,57 for each extra minute
    as opposed to $0,45 in the US (If I got that right)

    – 40 SMS are included here. As opposed to 200 at ATT (again you dont
    pay for incoming SMS so this is more like 80 vs. 200)
    – Each extra SMS will cost you $0,28 (I could not figure out costs for
    extra SMS at ATT)

    – In germany you get 200MB at EDGE speed. After exceeding that, they
    throttle the speed to 64Kb/s for the rest of the month
    – Hotpot usage and visual VM should be the same as in the US

    In addition there is no option for existing T-Mobile customers to keep
    their current plans and just add the Data feature, as is possible for ATT
    customers for $20 (if I got that right).

    Would you go for that ?

  4. those are tmobile numbers so far.does not in clude apple numbers and is not for the whole weekend total sales as in 270,000 units in 30 hours for us launch

  5. **you guys actually have to pay when someone calls you or sends you a message?? **

    Yes, in USA. Isn’t it crazy? I don’t know of any other country in the world doing such a stupid thing. You are being screwed there, you should complain because it is NOT normal.

    BTW, don’t expect queues of people camping for 3 days before the launch of a device in anywhere like in USA. That is not normal behaviour.

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