Video: Jim Kramer Shows Us Why You Can NEVER TRUST an Apple Rumor

While watching Jim Kramer get raked over the coals last night on “The Daily Show” I was surprised to see that towards the end of their conversation in one of the many damning videos that was shown, Kramer actually tells the host of this video program how important it is to spread a rumor about Apple to help manipulate the stock.

You can watch it at 8:00 minutes in. It’s a short segment, but it shows you not only how Apple rumors are worthless…but also how professionals use them to manipulate the stock to make money. It’s amazing that Kramer would admit to the kinds of things he does on video…but I don’t know enough about the legality of all this to know if the man has actually gotten himself into trouble. I do know, though, that Jim Kramer’s career is about to head in a new direction after this recent scuffle with John Stewart.



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  1. Who is John Kramer? If the video was watched and if the person writing this story actually tuned into an episode of Mad Money, you would know it’s Jim Kramer.

    Another example of stellar journalism!

  2. By the way, please do not group up as the generation that gets its news from The Daily Show.
    It’s not a news program, it’s a comedy show for entertainment purposes. OK?