Microsoft schedules announcement for Sept 9th…will Apple do the same?

Sept. 9th has become the rumored date for the big Apple Special event. The company normally doesn’t announce this time of thing until the Friday before. Today, however, Microsoft has announced that they will be making a special announcement on Sept 9th featuring the tag line “say goodbye to laser”.

It’s fairly obvious that they’re talking about the laser mouse, and further investigation by Engadget has revealed that a “Blue Track” mouse is already in the store. So it’s likely that’s the announcement.

The question now is, will Apple have a special event on the same day as the Microsoft announcement and the DEMO Conference?



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  1. It’s a typo… Should say

    say goodbye IT’s laser TIME.

    It’s the day MS launches it’s new lazer death ray…

    Which only works if you have a Vista computer 😉