5 Signs Your IT Needs a Revamp

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With IT underpinning businesses of every size, it is important that your IT keeps the heartbeat of the operation running, and is efficient and as error-free as possible. Inevitably there comes a time when your IT will need a revamp and if you can spot the signs, you can make changes and upgrades before your IT infrastructure becomes a hindrance and a problem.

So what are these signs that your IT needs a revamp? In this post, we’ll explore the warning signs and hopefully, it will help with implementation of newer and more efficient IT.


A sign that your IT needs an overhaul is if most of your teams are dependent on spreadsheets. There is no denying spreadsheets have their place, but they have limitations and there are far better solutions around that can help keep the wheels stay on the bus and not only that but make that bus faster, more productive, and more efficient.

The better solutions tend to be bespoke and tailored to your business. If all you see are spreadsheets then it is a strong sign your IT needs a revamp.

Your Systems Don’t Talk to Each Other

It could be that your spreadsheets are joined by several other apps none of which is compatible with the other. This is not a good situation as your teams are wasting time inputting the same data into different systems.

A good solution would be to have one software package underpinning the entire operation. This unified approach saves time, makes the whole business more productive, and you only have to maintain and update one piece of software rather than several.

Your Infrastructure Has Reached End of Life (EOL)

If your hardware can’t be updated any further, and physical upgrades involve trailing secondhand computer websites, then you have an issue that needs resolving.

Older infrastructure may not be able to handle the more recent apps and their upgrades. This holds your business back and prevents expansion.

Collaboration Isn’t Easy

Today, thanks to tools like Microsoft Azure, project collaboration and file sharing are easy. Teams can be managed remotely, and everything runs like clockwork. If your infrastructure can’t facilitate collaboration, file sharing, and remote working, then this is another sign that your infrastructure needs to be replaced.

Not being able to work on projects using tools like Microsoft Azure is costing you money. You are probably relying on things like email to communicate and discuss changes and that means you are losing time, losing productivity, and your infrastructure is stuck in the past.

You’re Losing Sleep Over Disaster Recovery

If IT aspects such as disaster recovery are keeping you awake at night, your concerns over your IT infrastructure are justified. The fact is that your system has to be fit for purpose and deliver a solid robust underpinning of the business, allowing your teams to thrive.

If you’re worried it can’t do this, then it needs to be replaced, preferably replaced yesterday!

With the right IT infrastructure, your business can shine. Without it, you’re losing time, productivity, and efficiency.


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