Is Apple trying to shed the “cult” with a move to CES?

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The web has been on fire with rumors that Apple might possibly attend CES in 2010. Cult of Mac and Apple Insider both claim to have inside scoops, and there is even word from CEA that there will be an “Apple-centric area” at CES 2010.

Now, obviously, this would be another stunning blow to Macworld, and it might even be the final nail in the coffin for the Conference and Expo as it exists today.

It’s already clear that the show is going to have to make some pretty drastic changes to survive (and yes, I know some of you want to argue that to the hills – but it’s true. You need only look at all other Macworld events that lost Apple for proof).

From Apple’s perspective, the move would be a curious one. If they’re telling the truth about why they want to move away from Macworld, then a move to CES is completely illogical.

If, however, the company wants to shed its “cult status” reputation then moving over to the show with all the other tech companies makes sense. Apple would no longer be playing to its “cult” audience at a special event, and would now be attending the same show that other companies like Microsoft, Sony, Palm, and many others attend.

This is the only reason I can come up with that makes sense to me on why Apple would choose to make this move.

This is all still rumor, but the addition of an Apple-centric area by CEA casts a pretty strong light on the idea that Apple might be dropping by next year. If so, I can tell you which show I’ll be at — and it’s not Macworld.

Still, I hope that this rumor isn’t true – because if it is, it’s going to create some serious negative vibes among hardcore Macheads, and it would be a shame if Apple abandoned 25 years of history with Macworld to attend another dying trade show.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Is Apple trying to shed the “cult” with a move to CES?

  1. This is exactly what I said to a bunch of people today… Apple’s trying to shed the perceived cult and be more mainstream, because this is where they want to go to get more marketshare, etc. Some of my friends who have switched from Windows to Mac have said: “But I don’t want to be part of the ‘cult.'”

  2. Who cares about the Macheads? I sure don’t. People need to find a religion or a hobby if they can attach themselves so completely to a company. I mean, it’s a company. They make nice products and that’s all we should care about. I see the same thing happen with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo when it comes to video games. All three make fun consoles. Why fend to the death the the company you buy from. I bought a nice table and chair set from HOM Furniture, but I don’t get upset when someone goes somewhere else and I don’t read their catalogue religiously. Why are people so crazy about where they get their electronics? I’m baffled.

  3. @shaun

    I’m with you – and I’m sure there are some deep psychological studies that could be done about why people go nuts over their computers and video game consoles – maybe it has something to do with how the experience with a computer is different than a table – I’m honestly not sure…but when you think about it, it’s kind of fascinating.

  4. I don’t think it’s the cult that they’re worried about. Rather, I think it’s the fact that, when you combine the focus on iPods and iPhones with the ever-changing chips Intel offers, they aren’t guaranteed to have new Mac products to show in January, and it’s Mac products that people expect to see at Macworld. Going to CES gives them more flexibility. They can show Mac or consumer products and then hold their own events to show off whatever they didn’t cover at CES.

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  5. Of course it makes sense that Apple wants to be at, star in, and keynote at CES. That’s why they dropped the “Computer” from their name after all, right? Especially after Bill Gates is done with it.

    Think about the lineup. In a post-Bill, post-Steve world, Apple stands a pretty good chance of achieving parity with Microsoft in the near future.

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