iPod Nano owner doesn’t get his exploded iPod replaced…and for good reason

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The Consumerist has a very long winded document from an individual who’s first generation iPod Nano exploded.

The piece starts out explaining his situation and then sort of falls off into a ramble about how awful Apple is as a company for not immediately handing him a brand new iPod when brings in an iPod that looks like its been melted.

The only real issue I have with the report on the Consumerist is the fact that this person wouldn’t just leave the device with Apple so they could analyze the issue. Sure, there are reports online of iPods exploding – that doesn’t mean this one did, and there’s nothing wrong with the company wanting to check it out before replacing an out of warranty device sight unseen.

You can read the full diatribe here and judge for yourself.

The impression I get from this is that this person was absolutely convinced that Apple should hand him a new iPod Nano, even though he currently has an out of warranty 1st Generation device. In this person’s mind its not possible that the problem could have been their computer, or a bizarre power surge in their home. That’s not impossible – and Apple should be allowed to take a look at it to see what happened.

So what do you think? Should Apple just take this guy on his word, having no clue who he is or where he came from, and just replace an out of warranty device without so much as having an engineer look at it?

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5 thoughts on “iPod Nano owner doesn’t get his exploded iPod replaced…and for good reason

  1. why wouldn’t he want to hand in the device to apple? does he carry child porn on it and doesn’t know how to delete that? or for fear of apple noticing that he merely held a torch to the thing, hoping to score a free hardware upgrade that way? seems to me the guy’s just silly.

  2. Apple is right. They should be able to inspect the device before doing anything. For all they know, the user may have replaced the battery with a cheap 3rd party knock off. That could be what caused the fire. Some people have to understand that in a business you can’t just go around giving your stuff away.

  3. Definitely not – Apple have every right to inspect it and find out what happened. And even then, what obligation are they under to replace it? None! It’s out of warranty!!

    Yeah, that does suck a bit if it was due to a fault of the device… but that’s just how warranties work the world over. If Apple were to replace this out of warranty device, then it would open up the door to thousands of other people who’s devices are faulty outside of warranty and who feel Apple should replace them.

    In short, no. Apple shouldn’t replace.

  4. Apple SHOULD want to investigate the device to make sure they don’t have a whole scale issue with the 1st Gen Nanos. I doubt they do, but if I were Apple I would want to make sure I don’t have a recall issue on my hands.

    krye is probably right on the money with the battery replacement!

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