True iPhone users have these 7 habits. Are you one?

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This might be hard to believe, but there are indeed certain habits and character traits that are uniquely present only in iPhone users. Of course, these traits are bound to be present among people who are android users too, but these traits have been found to be comparatively stronger among a majority of iPhone users. Here is a list of seven distinct habits or character traits that are present in every iPhone user. 

1. They are real posers.

A recent study showed that people owning iPhones have a tendency to click an average number of 12 pictures of themselves, particularly selfies, on a daily basis. That’s right, iPhone users absolutely love clicking pictures and keeping a record of everything! Be it dinner at a distant relative’s house, or a broken mug, you will find absolutely everything on an iPhone user’s camera. This also relates to iPhone users being more extroverted as well as exuberant compared to android users. This is exactly why a majority of the social media influencers, digital creators, or even creators on short-video platforms like TikTok or Reels are actually iPhone users.

2. They love spending money.

Miserly iPhone users are actually a pretty rare occurrence. It is rare that people who use iPhones would like to compromise on quality or quantity just because something costs more. What savings, what expenditure limits? They know none! You will often see iPhone users go on a shopping spree, both online and offline, just because it is therapeutic to them. That being said, they are also quite good at managing limited finances. Hence, you will probably have the most luxurious lunch or the most extravagant birthday gift if you have a friend who also happens to be an iPhone user. They are the type of people who never lookout for deals and discounts while going out shopping or drinking. Frugality is a big no-no for them.

3. They want the best technology, always.

There is no space for compromising for iPhone users when it comes to them availing of the latest and most advanced technology. iPhone users are always the first ones to stand in line every time a new kind of technology is introduced in the market. They are also not hesitant to invest a significant of money every month over the upgrading, improvement, and maintenance of technology or electric gadgets of any kind. This is not the case when it comes to android users. iPhone users consider investing in tech-related purposes very important. Needless to say, if you ever want to buy iPhone users any kind of gifts, buy them things related to technology!

4. They prioritize self-image.

Studies have shown that iPhone users spend a significant amount of money on items that would directly affect their self-image, or how they would be perceived in public. For instance, makeup, clothes, shoes, watches, and perfumes are some of the things that iPhone users invest in comparatively more than any average android user. The therapeutic shopping spree mentioned before was indeed no joke! They are very much concerned about the standard of lifestyle that they maintain or how they look to others. They will avail the best gyms and pilates classes, eat the best and the healthiest kind of salads, and also make sure that their houses are well maintained. There is no defeating an iPhone user in this niche!

5. They love being the center of attraction.

iPhone users are generally experts in grabbing the spotlight, anywhere they go. This probably has something to do with their general exuberant and camera-loving personalities. Be it a party or a wedding or a makeshift dance floor. They are bound to grab your eyes from even a significant distance. They are the creative video-makers of the friend group who will always have the treasured stock of the most precious videos and pictures for any occasion. This is because they were right there, at the very center of it! Even shy introverts will find themselves to be having fun in their presence.

6. They are social creatures.

iPhone users are generally seen to be in possession of a relatively large group of friends or associates. They are extremely sociable, and hence are friendly with a considerably large number of people. You can leave them in any social setting where they do not know people, and they will still make friends and click pictures with at least one friend group within the first half itself. This goes without saying that they possess a certain level of confidence that allows them to be prompt about communicating and creating association everywhere they go. They will have the craziest tales to tell you that will have people hooked on to what they are saying and make them very likable. Hence, iPhone users are your go-to people if you ever want to attend an event where people are unknown to you!

7. They know the best about phone insurance.

When you buy cell phones that are as expensive as iPhones, you would know that good phone insurance is your best friend in case anything happens to it. iPhone users know that if they have to arrange for them to get a replacement for their phones in case of the occurrence of any damage or even a malfunction.  Not just that, cell phone insurance will become your savior and safeguard even in case their iPhone gets stolen. And if you have a history of dropping and breaking your phones, a cell phone insurance policy actually becomes a necessity.

Phone Insurance is something that iPhone users usually have to research quite a bit before actually purchasing an iPhone. They know that a good cell phone insurance policy is the only way they will be able to get an immediate replacement of their phone, which is compulsory especially for those who are heavily dependent on their phones for even the simplest day-to-day activities.


So, now you know which character traits are found in maximum iPhone users. If all or most of these apply to you, and you also happen to possess an iPhone, you are definitely a true iPhone user! With people rapidly shifting from different kinds of desktops to smartphones, it is bound to alter the type of personalities the owners of each type of phone would have.

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