Apple hoarding over 15 Billion Dollars

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Apple is apparently stockpiling money according to MacNN. The Mac maker is putting back cash in droves, with $5 billion of the over $15 billion it is currently packing away having just been added in the last year. Only Cisco and Microsoft have more money tucked away. Apple is currently holding more cash that tech giants IBM, Intel and even Google.

The question is – why are the stockpiling the money?

There is speculation that Apple could make a bid on the 700mhz wireless spectrum and build their own wireless network, completely separate from AT&T – but they could just be planning to invest in other smaller companies, or even invest a sizable chunk in a new campus.

The bottom line is, Apple is doing very, very well. At this point they could flat out buy Circuit City if they wanted, and still have substantial funds left over. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

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4 thoughts on “Apple hoarding over 15 Billion Dollars

  1. Isn’t Google bidding for 700MHz spectrum…? I doubt that Apple would go into this bidding race against their partner(s). What the heck would they do with the spectrum?

    The only reasonable thing to stockpile cash is for making some real-estate like investment or investing/buying some tech companies ala chip makers, SW developers…

    In my personal opinion Apple should invest into a god damn iTunes music stores to be available in other small countries like mine and the heck they should invest into smaller Mac prices in Europe. Why the hack we have to pay $3500 for a MacBook Pro, while you suc*ers are paying $1000 less :-)? Not to mention we earn half as much (or less) as you do.

    And start selling that peace of crap iPhone already here… suckers!!!

  2. @Primoz

    Yes, Google is bidding as well. What Apple could do with it if they won the bid is start Apple Mobile – and could taylor make a network for the iPhone line of products.

  3. @Michael

    But again that would make it US only service, which doesn’t make me happy again… I mean good for you and bad for us, again! We’ll see, definitely $15B is a LOT of cash!

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