Apple files interesting Multi-touch Patent

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A new patent filing from Apple that was revealed today really strengthens the idea of multi-touch making its way into other Apple devices. You can see from the images above the multi-touch gesture dictionary that could be used for a variety of applications and products.

I still hold out hope for an ultra portable iMac with multi-touch, but it may just be a pipe dream. Still, the idea of a touch pad, iPod or any other number of devices from Apple with this type of interface is appealing. Especially after having gotten used to navigating my iPhone this way. It’s fantastic.

Thanks to Fabian for sending this in.

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2 thoughts on “Apple files interesting Multi-touch Patent

  1. It might not be a touchscreen iMac, but I have a feeling the new iMac will be wireless and “undockable” I have a feeling the new keyboard was designed to be thin for a reason, aka attaching onto the iMac itself.

    We’ll know tuesday, if I’m right, I do believe everyone who read this message is obligated to buy me a a new 24″ iMac. I read it somewhere, I think the bible.. somewhere near the back.

  2. Coupled with the “morphing keyboard” patent acquired a while ago by Apple, I think this presents some interesting combos for a notebook rather than a touchscreen imac I would say. The multitouch would not be on the displays – it would be on the keyboard. They can write on it, expand pictures, organize things and of course the ubiquitous keyboard morph. Then again, it could be on both display as well as keyboard !

    Man I am sweating on my palms and soles of my feet just waiting for Aug7.

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