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Review: Ultimate Alphabet

Ultimate Alphabet is one of the best unknown gems for the iPad. The name sounds like a set of flashcards for your toddler, but the game is anything but. It’s more like an interactive Renaissance painting. The screenshot you see above represents the main game board, where there are 362 objects that start with the…

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Protect Your Browsing History From Being Sold to Advertisers

Just this week, Congress passed legislation repealing Obama-era rules that prohibited Internet service providers (ISPs) from selling your browsing history to other corporations without your permission. While the law hasn’t been signed by President Trump yet, its approval is a near certainty. If you’re a U.S.-based Internet user interested in protecting your browsing data and Internet history,…

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AppleTV update adds useful features

Earlier this week Apple released an update to the AppleTV kicking the software up to version 2.3. This new update has some highly requested features added to the device, showing us that while Apple may consider it a “hobby” at the moment, they haven’t forgotten about our little tv media boxes. Updated Features include: Airtunes…

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Some facts about HD in iTunes

Well we finally got HD in iTunes today, but there are a few catches. 1. 720p Only – It’s HD, but it’s not 1080p, just in case some of your were wondering. Of course the video should still look significantly better than its SD counterpart, but just keep in mind that’ it’s not technically “full…

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