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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

Party Projector

Seriously Fun Video Art FX.
Party Projector creates live video with adjustable funhouse mirror Visual FX and sends them to any large monitor or projector equipped with AirPlay (as with Apple TV).
For VJing, it is an amazing real-time visual performance instrument on the iPhone/Pad!
It is essentially a video synthesizer with live projection capabilities.
Party Projector controls are hidden from the audience, allowing the performer/user to create a live show of the visuals they want the audience to see.
Included set of live FX include psychedelic, aquatic, kaleidoscopic, mandalic, wormhole, slit tunnel, and fractal motion!
Visual FX also be applied to pics in the camera roll and saved as a new image for show.
Originally designed for professional party VJ’s & visual artists, anyone can now use PartyProjector to spice up their event.
Party Projector images and videos make great post-production media assets as well.
Party Projector special effects are specially tweaked to work with human faces and in low light environments (such as many parties).
Be a Visual Musician, make the most beautiful light show you’ve ever seen!

Creates new uses for Apple TV and Airplay. allowing live interaction with an audience viewing a screen.

We went the extra mile to design the ultimate AirPlay Screen Mirroring experience! The controls, for example, are INVISIBLE to the audience and they see only your creation.
A great way to create new interactive visuals during live events.

Cold Approach: Pickup & Dating

Imagine having superpowers with women.
Imagine approaching any girl and effortlessly seducing her.

Pickup artists worldwide have mastered those skills.
You could be just like them.

Why keep getting paralyzed by approach anxiety, getting rejected, ghosted and flaked on?

The truth is, if you want consistent results with women, you have to get scientific.

To do that, it is vital to keep rigorous and systematic field reports of every minute detail of your approaches.
After all, what gets measured gets improved.

Cold Approach streamlines capturing your approaches on the go, in high fidelity, so you never have to forget any detail.
It aggregates your data so you can objectively track your performance and monitor your progress.

Doll Coloring Book Pro

Doll Colouring book pro with unique designs and Doll in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Get a fascinating stress reliever right on your Phone!

Release the stress and feel better: allow yourself some precious moments of childish joy and happiness and unleash your creative inner genius with these vibrant and harmonic Alphabets colouring pages!

Doll Colouring Book for Me is a true colouring book with intricate patterns and colouring pages with Doll. The app magically translates the tactile pleasure of putting pencil, crayon or paintbrush to paper and turn your Phone into a perfect tool to relax and sharpen your drawing skills.


“Clipee” is a fantastic new app utilizing the sound and video capabilities of SmartWatch.

With “Clipee” you can clip a glimpse of the most exciting entertainment around.

With a max of only 30 seconds of video time you can get the most out of you SmartWatch without draining its capabilities!

Included in this release are clips of some of the hottest entertainment today.

So tune in and check out to find out which Movies, Music and TV shows you want to watch in full!

Hunt Till Dawn

You will have to encounter your nightmares in this game, from Great Reaper to giant spiders or bosses like Basilisk or Swamp Monster. You must wander through the realm of death to wipe out the evil from the face of the earth. There are intriguing puzzles to solve and secret passages to reveal, in order to be successful. Each enemy has its specific AI, which can be very tricky, but fun to deal with. Some of them come in dozens, while others will track you down until they die.

How to play? Find secret paths and try different strategies to master each level. Use your shotgun or even blow up barrels to kill your enemies. You have to figure out how to destroy your opponents by killing or tricking them. And sometimes, you must just run away!

7 beautiful maps: Black Forest, City of Death, Swamp of the Damned, Sacred Ruins, The Abyss, Gates of Hell and Castle in the Sky.

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