OT – I’m on Vacation until the 13th



Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I’m going to be on vacation between now and the 13th.  (Although I doubt I’ll be able to keep from posting for that long)  I’m taking the family to the beach…so, wish me luck with that…

I’ve set Drew from TV Jab up with an account on the site, and David from Blogging Pro has one as well, so hopefully between the two of them there will be a post or two this week while I’m gone.


  1. What? Are you leaving your iPhone home or something? Just kidding!

    Then again, you’ll have to listen to the wife all day: “will you put that damn thing away already!”

    Have fun.

  2. Take care and nice summer

  3. @Kure

    Nope. I’ve got it with me. See you guys on Monday.


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